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The Benefits of Cloud Utility Management

The benefits of cloud utility management are many, including increased productivity, cost savings, and a more sustainable future. However, it’s important to recognize and understand the risks associated with a cloud-based system before making the leap.

Cloud computing is a model of IT service that delivers software and infrastructure over the Internet, instead of through traditional client/server architectures. This enables businesses to scale and expand their IT resources without incurring the capital expenses associated with purchasing or building server hardware. Additionally, cloud-based solutions provide greater accessibility to a business’ data and allow for greater agility by decreasing the time needed to make system changes or upgrades.

Improve customer relationships with a fully-integrated customer information system (CIS) that provides access to accounts, payment options, and self-service tools. Create targeted communications based on account characteristics and deliver the right message at the right time to your customers. Streamline communications workflows and reduce costs with automated email and SMS campaigns.

Ensure accurate rates and charges by managing nonmetered flat rate billing and meter data management. Manage complex rate calculations using built-in rules, math functions, and C&I contract support. Reduce rate change processing from months to minutes with point-and-click configuration and built-in rates testing.

Organize all of your electronic documents and physical files into one location. This will enable you to easily identify the most recent versions of documents, and will allow your team to work together effectively. cloud utility management


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