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ZAZA Red is a drug that has been called “gas station heroin” for its ability to produce effects similar to those created by opioids. The drug, also known as Tianeptine, is sold unregulated under names like TD Red, Zaza Red, Tianna Red, and Pegasus at gas stations and convenience stores across the United States. It has been linked to serious harm, overdoses, and even death, yet it remains legal in the United States as an unregulated dietary supplement.

The drug is marketed as a nootropic, or a substance that enhances brain function. The FDA has warned that it is a dangerous stimulant and that it can be addictive. Despite this, the drug is still legally available over-the-counter in many states and online under different brand names. The drug is sold as an energy pill or a dietary supplement and is advertised to treat mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and stress.

Many people who take zaza red report extreme withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit using the drug. This is because tianeptine interacts with opioid receptors in the brain and produces opiate-like effects when abused. This chemical interaction is what makes the drug so appealing to those who abuse it. Despite its risks, many individuals continue to seek out zaza red for its intense highs.

It is a dangerous drug because of its availability and the lack of regulation over it. The drugs are sold at gas stations and online under a variety of brands, with most of them containing tianeptine. It is marketed as a nootropic, a product that enhances brain function, and is advertised to treat a variety of mental health issues, as well as physical pain and fatigue. It is a powerful stimulant that increases alertness and can cause heart palpitations.

When ingested, tianeptine acts on opioid receptors in the brain, causing a feeling of euphoria and increased energy. It can also make users feel relaxed and sleepy. Often, the pills are mixed with other chemicals or ingredients that increase the effectiveness of the tianeptine, such as caffeine. The most effective tianeptine products contain higher doses of the substance, with some containing up to 700 mg of tianeptine.

Kristin, a mother of two, lives in a small rural town in Alabama with her husband and son. She has been addicted to zaza red for over a year and spends much of her time searching out the pills at local gas stations and online. Kristin recently lost her job because she is unable to work while using the drug, but she refuses to quit. She and her husband Jason have to travel hours in a rainstorm to visit their favorite smoke shop in Giles County where they purchase zaza red. They are both braving the rain to get their supply because they cannot afford not to. When they arrive, the clerk recognizes them and knows that they need a bottle of zaza red to help them through withdrawal.


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