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Grip socks have revolutionized workouts and activities involving smooth surfaces by helping individuals push their limits without the fear of slips or falls. Designed with thick soles and rubber paneling, grip socks absorb sweat and keep your feet dry and healthy while improving the contact between sock and shoe. Grip socks have become a staple in many fitness and performance classes including yoga, barre, Pilates and weightlifting.

The demand for custom options has surged, with athletes, coaches and trainers looking to add their own personal style and reap the functional benefits. Custom grip socks can be printed with a brand, team or individual name to create an authentic look.

This article explores the science behind these specialized socks and how they can improve performance during sports and training. Featuring research, expert opinions and practical tips, this guide will help you choose the best grip socks for your needs.

Despite the popularity of grip socks in team sport environments, it is still unclear how they affect change of direction performance and if this impact differs between genders. The present study sought to investigate this by investigating the influence of grip socks on both the static and dynamic coefficients of friction between a shoe and surface. The dynamic coefficient of friction was measured using a sledge and pulley system whilst the static coefficient of friction was determined by measuring peak force on a force plate prior to slipping. Both the static and dynamic coefficients of friction were found to be greater in participants wearing grip socks compared to those who did not. These results suggest that the presence of grip socks may reduce in-shoe foot motion during both side-cut and 180deg turn change of direction manoeuvres. custom grip socks


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