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The Speed and Agility of AI Marketing

Modern marketing relies on data analytics and in-depth understanding of customer needs to deliver results. AI marketing can parse through the influx of data at lightspeed, bringing marketers valuable insights and picking up on trends that humans may miss or require a long time to uncover. AI marketing platforms can also identify the best ways to optimize campaigns for better performance, reducing costs and accelerating ROI.

Another area of ai marketing that offers incredible speed and agility is predictive analytics. These AI tools can track and analyze a wide range of metrics, including consumer behavior, demographics, location, purchase history, and more to predict the likelihood that an individual will take specific actions on a website or social media platform. This enables marketers to reach customers with the right message at exactly the right time, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

With more and more digital channels available to consumers, it’s become necessary for businesses to provide a highly personalized experience across the spectrum of customer touchpoints. This is impossible to accomplish without a strong level of personalization that is typically achieved through AI marketing tools. AI tools can perform granular personalization by learning about each customer’s interests, shopping behavior, and more to create a curated experience for each one.

Beauty brand Sephora was an early adopter of this technology, launching a Kik chatbot in 2017 to dispense beauty advice and narrow product choices based on a customer’s unique preferences. The tool also used ai marketing to analyze and understand each user’s browsing habits, creating personalized content that would be otherwise impossible for humans to create. ai marketing


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