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Toilets are an essential household fixture that can last decades with proper care and replacement of worn parts. However, they aren’t immune to issues that may require professional help. In most cases, toilet repairs are fairly do-it-yourself friendly, with basic hand tools and some understanding of how the commode works. However, severe clogs and leaking are typically best left to the professionals.

Some common commode repair issues include a tank that constantly or slowly refills, a leaking water supply tube, a clogged drain or bowl, and a loose base. These are often easy to fix, but others, such as water that keeps leaking from the wall or a constantly running toilet, need professional inspection and possible adjusting of the ballcock or flapper. If you have a warranty or home insurance, these can cover some or all of the costs.

A leaking tank is usually due to the flush valve seal, which wears over time. It can be fixed by replacing the tank seal, which is typically a rubber one that fits tightly around the drain. The other common tank issue is a broken or damaged handle, which is an inexpensive fix with a new chain and nut. A clogged toilet is the most serious and difficult issue to tackle, especially if there are other clogged drains in the house. If the clog is caused by a foreign object, such as a child’s toy or a piece of food, it’s best to try plunging the toilet before calling a plumber. Severe clogs, on the other hand, may require dismantling and cleaning of several drain lines, which can cost $75 to $700. toilet repair near me


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