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When you’re looking for caregivers to look after your elderly loved ones, personality and experience should always trump qualifications. However, it’s a good idea to find care professionals who have relevant qualifications, as this shows they have the skills and knowledge to help their clients.

You’ll want a caring professional who is patient, empathetic and passionate about the role. They’ll get to know you or your loved-one and their personal needs, as well as your hobbies, interests and preferences, so they can provide the very best care possible.

They’ll have a positive attitude and be able to communicate well. This is vital, as elderly patients often have health concerns that require delicate handling. Care providers may also have access to confidential information about their clients, so it’s important that they can respect and treat their customers with discretion.

Being punctual is also a crucial characteristic of an effective carer. It’s the responsibility of a carer to arrive at their appointment at the time they have been booked in, especially when they are helping someone with daily tasks that could affect their dignity and independence.

Finally, a good carer will always be respectful of their customer’s home and personal space. They’ll never patronise them and will be aware that they’re entering their customer’s home as a professional rather than a friend. They’ll remember to respect personal belongings and keep the home clean and tidy. They’ll also be able to pick up on any changes in their client’s physical or mental state, such as a deteriorating appetite, weight loss or gain, increased confusion or irritability, so they can take action promptly.  Trusted & reliable Carers


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