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Firefighting pumps provide the pressurized water needed to operate and maintain sprinkler systems, standpipes, and hydrants. These pumps are manufactured to comply with the strict fire protection regulations set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). They must be capable of providing a sufficient amount of water flow and pressure to satisfy the hydraulic design requirements of these systems. In addition to ensuring the fire suppression system is operational in an emergency, these pumps help prevent costly water damage from uncontrolled flooding and leakage of water from the system.

There are several types of fire pump available that meet NFPA standards. These include single-stage volute casing pumps, double-suction radial flow pumps and deep-well turbine pumps. These pumps extract fire-fighting water from tanks, fire water ponds or rivers and transfer it to the hydrant system or sprinkler system. Fire-fighting pumps are designed for transportability and can be mounted on fire trucks or as portable units. They can also be installed as stationary pumps at a fire station.

The type of fire pump selected is determined by the department’s specific needs, including potential fire hazards and water supply availability and capability. Other factors in selection may include nozzle and hose size, water capacity and discharge pressure requirements. Portable pumps are typically centrifugal, which means that water enters the suction inlet and moves toward the center of the impeller. The rotation of the impeller creates high pressure. This high-pressure system is the primary reason that these fire pumps are used with a variety of sprinkler systems.

A fire pump should be able to operate reliably in an emergency and start up quickly to meet the demands of fire fighting. They are usually equipped with a battery-operated electric starter that can be operated using a switch or remote control. Depending on the fire hazard and water capabilities, a department may also choose to use a diesel or gas powered portable pump.

While fire and water pumps both serve important purposes, they have different applications. Fire pumps must be able to provide a consistent flow rate in an emergency, while water pumps are usually used for irrigation and other water-related needs.

Both types of pump are available in a range of capacities and flow rates, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a pump for your needs, consider working with an expert to ensure you are selecting the best type of pump for your application.

Feld Fire offers a full range of portable fire fighting pumps to meet the requirements of your system. Our extensive collection of pumps is categorized by rated flow, water capacity and pressure, and features the top brands in the industry. We are proud to offer these reliable and versatile devices that can be used to complete any sprinkler setup. Shop online or contact us today to find the fire pump that is right for you. portable fire fighting pump


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