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Cancer is a terrifying illness that has claimed the lives of many people and their pets, and the quest for a cure continues. Many people and their pet owners have turned to alternative medicines for cancer, including a dog dewormer.

Fenbendazole (brand names include Panacur C and Safe Guard) is a popular veterinary medication used to treat parasites in cats and dogs. Some research in petri dishes and mice has suggested that fenbendazole may suppress cancer. However, it is not approved by the FDA for treating cancer in people, and some experts have cautioned against using it for that purpose.

Despite the warnings, some people have reported success with this approach. One example is a man named Tippens who had advanced lung cancer. After trying chemotherapy and amputation, he decided to try something else. He turned to dog medicine, and he is now healthy and cancer-free.

His story is similar to that of a dog named Dexter who was diagnosed with a melanoma at age 10. After chemotherapy and surgery, his owner decided to give him a treatment developed by Penn Vet researcher David Mason, DVM, PhD, called CD40-CAR T cell immunotherapy.

The therapy is based on the discovery that CD40, a protein found on specialized immune cells that orchestrate overall immune responses, signals them to target and destroy cancerous cells. The treatment worked so well that it led to the approval of a human melanoma vaccine and of CAR T cells, which can be customized to target specific cancers in patients. dog dewormer for cancer


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