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Vintage persian rugs are priceless, hand-knotted works of art. They represent a dying skill set passed down from generations of weavers, and evoke a sense of history with their unique color tones and patterns that combine both native and imperial weaving traditions. Vintage Persian rugs are also highly sought after because they offer rich, mellow color tones, exotic designs and beautiful patina that give them a truly timeless look.

The best antique Persian rugs come from a wide variety of cities, regions and tribal groups. Weavers used indigenous materials as well as imported silk and cotton. They created designs and motifs from a mix of semi-nomadic tribal patterns and the weaving traditions of their city and empire master weavers. This gave rise to an infinite number of possibilities, making each rug unique in its own way.

As Western influence increased throughout the 20th century, primary cultures lost their ability to sustain traditional crafting techniques. This allowed commercial influences to dominate weaving production, and weavers began modifying their original motifs to keep up with fashion trends and market demand. The result was a great divide between true, original antiques and all other rugs that came after.


These are the rugs that are so rare and sought after, they have achieved iconic status within the world of Persian carpets. They are woven between 1800 and 1900 and display masterful artisanal craftsmanship, fluid and subtly varied design, and exotic use of nuanced color.

Level 1 rugs were woven in the largest urban centers of Tehran, Tabriz, Kerman, Mashed and Sultanabad, as well as in a number of smaller villages and tribes. These rugs are known for their bold and geometric patterns, often featuring a central medallion. The motifs in these rugs are generally derived from the designs of their creators or their families, and often carry specific meanings.


Weavers in this category are renowned for their ability to blend their artistic virtuosity with an exquisite use of natural dyes. This allows them to create lustrous and vibrant works of art with a depth of field that is unparalleled. They are able to convey complex and emotionally satisfying designs in a compact size, creating a perfect balance between floor and wall. Weavers in this category also excelled in producing standout floral and pictorial rugs.


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