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Water soluble bags are environmentally friendly and fully soluble in cold water, room temperature or hot water (70°C and more). They do not generate any micro plastics and comply with environmental regulations. They are a safe solution for hospitals and nursing homes to contain and collect contaminated medical instruments, linens or garments. They prevent any germs, bacteria, blood borne pathogens and bed bugs from spreading outside the bag to other parts of the hospital or nursing home. They also minimize the contact between staff and soiled laundry.

They are made of polyvinyl alcohol(PVA), which is environment friendly, unharmful and dissolves in water. They are fully soluble in cold water (15°C), room temperature (20°C) or hot water (70°C and more). Water soluble bags can be used as grocery shopping bags, medical laundry bags, cement packaging bags, dog poop bags and other types of disposable bags. After the bags are disposed of, they easily decompose into H20, CO2 and biomass through the action of microorganisms. They are a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags.

Manufacturer of standard and custom water soluble bags in sizes from 39 in. to 36 in. width and 0.8 mil. thickness for specialty packaging, transfer printing, embroidery and textiles industries. Products are available in rollstock, custom printed and embossed. Stock items in a wide range of colors and styles are available.

The present invention relates to a composite uniplanar water soluble film comprising a strip of a cold water soluble plastic film bonded at its edge to an additional strip of a hot water soluble plastic film. The uniplanar film can be used in the manufacture of a laundry bag or other similar disposable bag. The cold water soluble film and the hot water soluble film preferably consist of different types of PVC materials.

A test was conducted to determine the marine degradability of the plastics films described above, which are suitable for use in water-soluble bags. The test was carried out by placing a portion of wheat flour in the composite bag and then rapidly placing it in a washing machine filled with cold water at 24 °C. The result showed that the wheat flour was completely dispersed into the cold water, and no residue of undissolved wheat flour remained in the washing machine.

However, the marine degradability of the PVA used for the production of hot-water soluble polybags was questionable. One of the major producers of PVA for such applications produced a white paper publicly available on their website which stated that they are unable to confirm the marine-degradability of their plastics films. This is a clear contradiction to the claims on their web page that their PVA films are “marine-safe”. Moreover, it was noted that most suggested end-of-life pathways for hot-water-soluble polybags involve them being destroyed by dissolution in water or industrial composting. This would imply the need for new virgin PVA material to be produced to replace them. This is incompatible with the concept of a circular economy. water soluble bag manufacturers


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