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Tazarotene is in a class of medications called retinoids. It helps the skin renew itself faster and decreases signs of aging like wrinkles and sun damage. It is also used to treat certain skin conditions such as plaque psoriasis and acne vulgaris. It appears to help with psoriasis by slowing down the rapid growth of skin cells and with acne by unblocking pores. It is also used to reduce the appearance of a common skin condition known as keratosis pilaris, which are small, raised bumps on the skin that can cause irritation.

Tazorac is available in cream, gel, and tablet forms that you apply to the skin. It is usually used once a day in the evening, but your doctor will tell you how often to apply it and for how long. You should wash your hands before and after you use it, and make sure not to get it in your eyes or on other mucous membranes. The medication may take up to 12 weeks to fully work for some people.

Several different brands of this medication are available, and the specific brand you choose will depend on the type of condition you have. In many cases, the generic version of this drug will be cheaper than the brand name. Check with your pharmacist to see if there is a generic form of this medication.

This medication should not be used by pregnant women. It is unknown whether it passes into breast milk. If you are breastfeeding, talk to your doctor before taking it. It is not known whether this medication is safe to use for children under 12.

Before you start using this medication, talk with your doctor or pharmacist about any of the conditions you have. They will want to know your medical history, including any allergies. Tell them if you are sensitive to sunlight or any other medicines you are taking, such as prescription or nonprescription (over-the-counter) drugs, especially other retinoids such as isotretinoin.

This medicine can cause side effects such as itching and stinging in the areas where you applied the medication. This is most often seen with the gel, but can happen with the cream as well. If these side effects are too severe, talk to your doctor. They can advise you on other ways to reduce the stinging.

You should avoid exposure to sunlight while you are using this medication, and protect yourself with clothing and sunscreen if you must go outdoors. It is not known whether this medication increases your sensitivity to the sun, so you should be cautious.

This medication is absorbed through the skin, so it can harm an unborn baby. It is important that you do not become pregnant while using this medication. If you are a woman who could become pregnant, it is important to use an effective method of birth control while you are using this medication and for 2 weeks afterward. This includes both prescription and nonprescription (over-the-counter) methods of birth control. buy tazarotene


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