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Why It Is Critical To Get Your Home Based Small Business on YouTube

Today I thought it was about time that I discussed the importance in fact why it is absolutely critical to get your home based small business on YouTube. Why it is crucial to the success of your home business and in the near future how your entire marketing strategy will be dead without it!

Unless you have been living 20,000 leagues under the sea for the past few years, you’ve no doubt heard of YouTube, the video-sharing site owned by Google. YouTube allows anyone to post videos online so that anyone else can watch them. It is a very popular site, ranked 3rd of all sites on the web, in Alexa’s traffic ranking and the second largest search engine on the web behind Google. With hundreds of millions of videos on the YouTube Site it would take a viewer half a millennium to watch them all!

Are You Starting to See The Power Yet?

It is this colossal size of YouTube that makes it so attractive to home based small business and to home businesses in general – as well as the relatively low cost of entry. The cost of making a YouTube video is next to nothing; you don’t need much more than a camcorder and a computer. In fact with the advancement of mobile data and hand held devices you can pretty much use any modern smart phone to record and share a simple video.

Just imagine how powerful it could be for you or your home based small business if you could reach even a tiny percentage of YouTube’s gigantic audience? You can get a very big bang for your marketing buck!

Let’s explore the cost thing a little further

Large businesses have long embraced video marketing, in the form of traditional television advertising. But television ads are expensive, and typically beyond the reach of most home based small business owners. I mean do you still watch adverts on television anymore? I don’t. I am either in the kitchen making a brew or fast forwarding through them.

Thanks to YouTube, however, businesses both large and small can afford to market themselves via online videos. The cost of posting a video on YouTube is zero, YouTube doesn’t charge anything to upload, host or stream videos. The only cost you have is the expense of shooting and editing the video, which can be as low as you want it to be. This makes online video marketing affordable for virtually any business.

Is Video the Right Way To Promote Your Home Based Small Business?

Let’s face it: Consumers love to watch videos. We are becoming less of a society of readers and more one of watchers; the average consumer would rather watch a video than read a text-based advert. Like it or not the change is consumer driven and as a business owner you need to adapt your marketing mix to accommodate this trend.

And here’s the thing: The more interesting the video, the bigger the audience it will attract. You can include a lot more information in a short three minute video, and you can present the information in an entertaining and engaging fashion. People like to be entertained, educated and informed. Online video can do all three things and, in the process, provide a clear picture of the product or service you are offering. youtube live stream views buy


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