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Woom Bikes Review – The NOW by Woom Bikes

The team behind woom bikes is dedicated to building the best children’s bicycles possible and providing parents with a safe, easy way to teach kids to ride. The company’s mission is to “inspire young riders and their families to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.”

Founded in Austria in 2010, woom has always been a family-run business, with the US branch currently headed by Marcus Ihlenfeld. The company’s name is derived from the German word for wham, or pop; it’s an indication that the bikes are built to be quick and responsive.

The woom 2 is an excellent balance bike that will let your child learn to ride with confidence and ease. This model has appropriately sized crank arms and a narrow Q-factor to fit smaller kids’ frames. It also has a unique suspension system that uses a carbon fork, instead of a traditional steel fork, to increase the bike’s rigidity and reduce vibration. This is especially important when kids are learning to ride, as vibrations can cause them to lose control and fall.

Another feature that sets the woom apart from other balance bikes is its brake levers. The handles are kid-friendly and bright green, so your child will easily be able to locate them. This is an important safety feature because kids can often forget to use the rear brake when riding, especially on hills. Using the brake levers will help them develop good muscle memory to stop safely.

Like other woom models, the NOW has a front rack mounting point for kids to carry things. However, whereas most children’s bikes have the rack mounted right on top of the handlebars, which can increase the center of gravity and make for unstable handling, this one mounts it on the frame to keep the weight low and stable. This is particularly helpful for kids who want to use their woom as a commuter or to go on longer adventures.

The NOW’s 1×11 drivetrain is equipped with a cassette of seven cogs and an 18 tooth front chainring, giving it a wide gear range and an impressive gain ratio. The small cassette and front chainring also give the NOW the ability to handle steep hills with relative ease. Unlike many other kids’ bikes, which require kids to pedal in a high gear and then shift down, the NOW has a trigger-shifter that makes shifting fast and simple.

While the NOW’s price tag is high for a balance bike, it’s worth remembering that this is a durable and lightweight two-wheeler that will last for years and can be passed down to younger siblings or friends. Additionally, if your child outgrows the NOW and you need to replace it, Woom’s Upcycling program will refund 40% of the original purchase price, which is significantly more than you’d likely be able to get on eBay for an used geared bike. The company then donates many of the returned bikes to local charities. It’s a great way to save money while ensuring that your child has a reliable, safe bike to ride. woom


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